“Newtek has changed the way I.T. companies think about their relationships with hosting providers. Their partner program is a no-brainer for an organization like ours.”

— Larry Klein
President, Lion’s Gate Technology

Join more than 4,000 Newtek Partners and start earning more from the industry’s top partner program. We’ve combined the most attractive features from traditional reseller and affiliate programs to give partners more control and better revenue opportunities.

Like the reseller model, the Newtek Partner Program provides you with a recurring revenue channel from your clients’ hosting needs, with white labeling opportunities at no cost.

For partners more comfortable with the affiliate model, Newtek’s Program does not require that the partner retain any relationship with the referred business — if they choose, Newtek Partners can simply refer the business to Newtek, and then collect the monthly recurring commissions.

Veiw Our Partner Program Terms of Service.

Who Are Newtek Partners?

The Newtek Partner Program provides a new revenue channel for professionals and organizations that work with business clients (B2B). Ideal candidates for the Newtek Program include:

The Partner Portal

The Newtek Partner Portal was built from the ground up to make managing your Partner account easy, with:

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Who is eligible?

The Newtek Partner Program is eligible to professionals and organizations that work with business clientele (B2B), such as web development shops or I.T. firms. Please speak with a Newtek Representative to see if you qualify.

How do commissions work?

Commissions are based on the total qualified billed items during a given calendar month. The percentage of your commission against your total billed amount is determined by which commission tier your account is under. Payouts can be requested from within the Partners Portal. Payout requests are limited to once per month.

How do I manage my account?

Every Partner has access to the Newtek Partner Portal, which provides you real-time reporting and data, and includes quick views of your commissions, and more.

Can I white label the Newtek Partnership?

The Newtek Partner Program is flexible enough where you can hide your relationship with Newtek, and advertise our services as your own. However, Newtek does not offer white-labeled customer or technical support. Please contact a Newtek Representative to discuss your unique needs — we will always do what we can to make our partnership with your organization a success.

Will Newtek fully support my clients?

Newtek does not require that all of your referred clients’ services be managed under a single customer account. What this means is that if you or your client orders an eligible service under their own account, we will provide complete and full support to that client, as long as they can verify their account with normal verification methods.

I am an affiliate marketer, how does the Newtek Partner Program work for me?

Nearly all affiliate programs in the hosting industry offer one-time commission payouts for eligible services. The Newtek Partner Program works very similar to the affiliate model, but with one big difference: Newtek offers an ongoing, recurring commission payout for eligible services.

I am a web hosting reseller, how does the Newtek Partner Program differ?

Many reseller programs will require that you purchase a set amount of web hosting resources and then resell those resources to your own clients at a markup. Newtek’s Partner Program works much differently. You — or your clients — purchase a qualified product, and then are paid a commission for that product (if you meet the payout requirements). The commission is recurring, and will continue during the life of the eligible product.

What does “Eligible Portfolio” mean?

The commission tier you are in is determined by the size of your eligible portfolio during a specific calendar month period. “Eligible Portfolio” means the total invoiced (and on-time paid) amount calculated from eligible products only. See the FAQ below for a list those eligible products.

What products/services qualify for commission under the Newtek Partner Program?