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The Small Business Observer - September 2014 Issue
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The Facebook Color Change Scam Is Back

The Facebook Color Change Scam Is Back
NO – you cannot change the color of Facebook. Well… you can (at your own risk), but that app you just downloaded, it's a scam. 
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Google to Boost Encrypted Websites in Search Rankings

Google to Boost Encrypted Websites in Search Rankings
Google is using its massive reach and power for good as the search engine pressures websites to better protect the people using their services. The move involves a change in Google's formula for determining search result rankings. Websites that automatically encrypt their services will now be ranked higher in Google's recommendation system. The goal is to pressure web developers to adopt technology that defends against hackers breaking into websites and stealing users' sensitive information. 
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Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business
Here are some tips on how to make sailing a little smoother. Fake It Till you Make It – we would never advise you to be misleading to your clients about what you can do for them.  
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Overcoming "Lonely at the Top" Syndrome
The role of entrepreneur/owner/CEO is a double-edged sword. No one's telling you how to run your business, but on the other hand, no one else can take responsibility if and when things go wrong. These feelings of high-level loneliness can seriously impact the growth of one's business, and the overall mental health of the business owner. 
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