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The Small Business Observer - March 2014 Issue
Progress Report: The Ever-Important and Elusive EVP Chip Technology in Majority of business owners not concerned about credit card security -more-

Small business economy grows modestly in early 2014 -more-

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2014 Observer
Tips on Making Sure Your Business is HIPAA-Compliant

Tips on Making Sure Your Business is HIPAA-Compliant
Safeguarding the confidential use of protected health information (PHI) is a key element of HIPAA compliance for medical practices and ancillary business services. Here are primary areas all businesses should monitor to maintain HIPAA compliance standards and avoid paying fines for violation of government-mandated business practices. 
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Why NOT $19B for WhatsApp?

Why NOT $19B for WhatsApp?
Facebook looks to buy popular mobile to mobile messaging service.  
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Storytelling Design

Storytelling Design
The third part of our Web Design Trend series highlights the importance of compelling copy coupled with strong imagery as the viewer scrolls down the page. 
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New Healthcare Reform Mandate Delays

New Healthcare Reform Mandate Delays
As you have likely heard, the Healthcare Reform Act requires that all large employers (50 or more workers) provide insurance to their employees. And not unlike several other addendums, this mandate has been pushed back – again. The administration is basically scaling back completely for medium sized businesses and less so, but still significantly, for the largest. Here are the keys to understanding the changes: 
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